About Us

Accelerate Delaware is an organization incubated within The Longwood Foundation.  It began as an idea in 2014 and formally launched in 2016.  Our goal is to develop and implement a strategy for increasing the percentage of talented young professionals & millenials who choose to build their careers and lives in Delaware. We are working to engage the next generation of leaders in Delaware to accelerate them into greater professional roles while connecting them socially and professionally to local companies, nonprofits and government entities to enhance professional growth and personal enrichment.

Our primary focus is to target and engage the millennial population through three tracks: Social Connection, Professional Networking and Executive Development. Accelerate Delaware will identify a cohort of talented young professionals, and using a multi-tiered approach will match these individuals to career opportunities, leadership training, entertainment options and opportunities for social/civic engagement.  Accelerate Delaware’s efforts will positively affect education, government, business and economic development overall as increasing populations of talented, young professionals choose to work and reside in the state.

Most of Delaware’s leaders, regardless of sector, agree that retaining top talent remains a priority for ensuring the overall health of their organizations.  We are working to ensure that Delaware is a viable option for young professionals and is perceived as a desirable place to live, work, play, and ultimately stay. Accelerate Delaware will be the state’s first non-profit to examine the root causes of why young professionals decline the opportunity to live and work Delaware. Using that information, Accelerate Delaware will develop a multi-tiered strategy to encourage more young professionals to plant their roots and thrive in this great First State.

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